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David Luxford

Quality wine tastings

A taste of quality

David Luxford has been collecting wine from all over the world for more than twenty years and now has a varied collection of over 1000 bottles. For David wine is a passion and he finds nothing more rewarding than to share that passion with others, giving them the opportunity to taste wines of a quality in both age and price they might not have experienced before. He can hopefully help you resolve the eternal question: is a £50 - £100 bottle of wine better than a £5 - £10 bottle?

David has passed the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Advanced Level certificate and is happy to share his knowledge, his passion and his wine collection at a fun, friendly and informative wine tasting held at a location of your choice.

A DeLuxe Wine Tasting

The aim of a DeLuxe wine tasting is for guests to discover the difference between wine varieties, to experience varying ages of the same type, to learn how to recognise better quality wines and to decide if paying extra for a bottle of wine is worth it. David doesn't sell wine, so it's always about the tasting with no pressure to buy.

At a DeLuxe wine tasting guests can try eighteen different wines - six different types of each of three varieties. The value of bottles in each tasting will range from £5 to one bottle worth over £100. The ages of the wines will also vary, allowing guests to experience the different aromas and tastes of older wines.